15 Stupidest Celebrity Tattoos As Of July 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 2:31 PM
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Celebrities are all about self-expression and bad decisions. It makes perfect sense then that many of Hollywood’s brightest minds have some of the dumbest tattoos we’ve ever seen. To be fair, many of these tattoos may have some deeper meaning to the disheveled canvas they were drawn on but, to the rest of us, they look real stupid. The following tramp stamps might as well read: DENIED.


Steve-O: His Face

No doubt you’ve seen Steve-O’s ridiculous tattoo on his back of himself giving a thumbs up. At least Steve-O is consistent: he pulls stupid stunts on TV and in real life.


Ryan Sheckler: “SHECKLERâ€

When someone gets their own name tattooed on their body it tells you that you’ll never want to know them well enough to remember it. Our guess is that he was probably just trying to make it easier for the judges.


Hayden Panettiere: “Vivere Senza Rimipiantiâ€

Not to be a poindexter here, but this tattoo should actually read “Vivere Senza Rimpianti.†The extra “i†down her side is what I like to call a mark of a bonehead.


Angelina Jolie: Longitude and Latitude of Her Children’s Birthplaces

No one will be surprised when Angelina runs out of room on her arm for all of the longitude and latitude of her children’s birthplaces. With all of the adopting she does, it’s surprising that she doesn’t just tattoo their names on her ass to make things easier. I’ll be there to supervise the procedure.


Pink: Barcode

When Pink had a barcode tattooed on the back of her neck she stated it was the barcode from one of her records. We’re thinking it’s actually the barcode to her $0.99 pink hair dye. Zing.


Ricky Martin: Naked Nymph

Ricky Martin has a tattoo of a naked nymph in an inviting pose on his left arm. To be fair, he probably did it as a response to the rumors about his sexuality. What we mean by that is he wanted everyone to really believe the rumors about his sexuality.


Megan Fox: “Brian Austin Greenâ€

Even though she won’t reveal where it is, Megan Fox has admitted to having the name of her on/off beau tattooed on her body. She was determined to disprove the myth that once your lover’s name is branded on your body your relationships is destined to fail. And yet she chose Brian Austin Green as her lover. Seems like an uphill battle, doesn’t it?


Amy Winehouse: Naked Woman

It’s not surprising that Amy Winehouse is addicted to tattoos. She says that she likes to see new things when she looks in the mirror, and one can only fit so many new needle marks on their arm, right?


Ozzy Osbourne: “O-Z-Z-Y”

After riding the Crazy Train for so long, Ozzy’s getting old and it was necessary for him to get his name tattooed on the knuckles of his left hand. Even though he has probably already forgotten it’s there, it was a step in the right direction.


Eve: Paws

It’s probably not her unique female rap style or her attempt to become an actress that made her well-known. It’s actually her infamous paw tattoos on her chest that have become indelibly associated with her name.


Nicole Richie: “Virginâ€

No one knows what Nicole Richie was trying to prove when she got “virgin†tattooed on her left wrist. Along with a tiara on her hip and angel wings on her back, you would think that she actually held high standards for herself. But we’re still waiting for the “liar†tattoo to be put on her right wrist.


Scarlett Johansson: Colorful Sunset

Not willing to reveal the meaning of her tattoo, the colorful sunset on Scarlett’s left forearm almost looks fake. She really thought that people wouldn’t notice it, because she apparently doesn’t realize how much time people spend staring at every inch of her body.


Eminem: “Rot in Piecesâ€

It’s not enough that he has to write music about his hatred for his ex-wife Kim – Eminem has a headstone tattooed on his back dedicated to her. Just in case his fans don’t get confused, he spelled out R.I.P… “Rot in Pieces.†He’s really not going to let this one go, is he?


Mike Tyson: Maori Warrior Symbol

Mike was forced to do something drastic when his boxing career went down the drain and made him a “has-been.†His answer was getting a Maori warrior facial tattoo, which he claims is not even close to being finished. Our response? Awesome.


Mark Wahlberg: “Wahlbergâ€

On his right arm, Mark has “Wahlberg†superimposed on his initials along with his birthdate. As if making a semi-biographic television show wasn’t enough publicity for him. The tattoo also reminds the ladies who they are sleeping with and, simultaneously, why they are making a huge mistake.