Before he was “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 3:35 PM
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Isaiah Mustafa wears many hats. Hats that smell good. But before he rose to viral fame as The Old Spice Guy, he played in the NFL, owned a restaurant and even taught middle school math.


ASU Alum

Isaiah studied history at Arizona State University and was a wide receiver teammate to NFL star Jake Plummer. Isaiah reportedly performed his Old Spice monologue for Plummer on his voicemail before heading in to the audition.


NFL Flash in the Pan

Isaiah was an NFL troubadour during his three-year career from 1997 to 2000. He began with the Tennessee Oilers and ended with Barcelona in NFL Europe.


BBQ Restaurant Owner

Isaiah used to co-own a BBQ restaurant in Los Angeles on Melrose Avenue called JoJo’s BBQ, and he learned the hard way that the restaurant business wasn’t for him.


Math Whiz

Isaiah took on a job as a middle school math teacher. Is there anything this man can’t do?


Baby of the Family

Isaiah was the youngest of seven siblings, including five sisters. He attributes it to his level-headedness. As he once tweeted: “Raised in a house of women. I’d get backhanded if I even attempted to get big-headed…”



The Old Spice Man has gone vegan. Another recent tweet: “Can you cook Vegan. On a diet…frustrating.”


Ball and Chain

Sorry ladies, but Isaiah is taken. His girlfriend is professional dancer Brandi Oglesby. Isaiah is quick to place emphasis on the “professional” part.


Comic Book Nerd

Isaiah is a huge comic book fan. He loves Spiderman and Batman and even went so far as to name his daughter after the Batman character, Haley Fitzpatrick. Weird.


Wants To Be Luke Cage

Isaiah has made no secret of his desire to play Marvel superhero Luke Cage in a movie adaptation. He and numerous fans have petitioned on Twitter and other social media sites.


A Beautiful Person

Isaiah made People Magazine’s 2010 World’s Most Beautiful People list. So it’s not just the white horse, after all.


TV Whore

Where else have you seen Isaiah? Blink and you’d have missed him on a slew of shows, including Castle, Days of Our Lives, NCIS and Ugly Betty.

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