Beyonce Goes Gay

Thursday, August 13, 2009 3:37 AM
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Last year MediaTakeOut.com told you about a rumor that Beyonce would be starring as a lesbian in an upcoming film and that she’d do a love scene with a woman in that film. At the time, many of you didn’t believe us. Well now we’ve got proof.

Is Beyonce cuter than her sister?

If you look at the below image – taken from Beyonce’s OFFICIAL IMDB page, it shows that Beyonce is scheduled to star in the film Tipping The Velvet – a movie about a lesbian love affair.

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Wanna get an idea of what kinda girl-on-girl action that Bey’s gonna be doing??? Well check out this YouTube video – it’s a clip from the British TV adaption of the same script!!

We can’t wait!!!

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