Chris Martin has no solo plans

Friday, April 2, 2010 10:15 PM
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Chris Martin thinks his solo album would be “cringeworthy”.

The Coldplay singer has no plans to ever break away from the rest of the group because he doesn’t think people would find him “acceptable” alone.

He explained: “If Bono from U2 or I were to release solo album they would be cringeworthy. It’s still the same person singing but it’s the gang aspect that makes you acceptable. If you take me out of the band, I can’t dance or do what Beyonce Knowles does. I’m only surviving on enthusiasm and collective chemistry.”

While Chris doesn’t think he or Bono would make good solo artists, he revealed the U2 singer once advised him to make his band sound more like the ‘One’ hitmakers.

He added to Q magazine: “The best advice U2 gave us was, ‘Sound a bit like us for a bit.’ We tried it around ‘X and Y’. It worked out OK but we had to move off it pretty fast.”

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