Wednesday, June 2, 2010 10:26 AM
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UPDATE: Source close to Miley and Liam claims they’re fine. But isn’t that always what they say before the truth comes out?

According to the Enquirer, they sure did. They claim Liam broke up with Miley because he was sick of parents Billy Ray and Trish Cyrus blaming him for Miley’s antics. Keep in mind, Cyrus has been pushing the limits and acting out for years. She’s 17, it’s part of the territory. Of course with millions of fans, Cyrus has a much wider audience than her homeroom.

The Enquirer claims that Miley and Liam not only broke up, but that they’d been living together.

[Liam] recently moved out of [Miley’s] new Los Angeles home after a nasty fight that had them hurling bitter accusations at each other, say sources.

… Miley’s relationship with Liam began unraveling swiftly when her parents … blamed the 20-year-old actor for her wild behavior. At the same time, Miley became jealous of his burgeoning film career. “The result was a vicious fight – and Liam bolted,” a friend told the Enquirer. “He said he’s tired of her folks’ interference, and that Miley’s jealous that his film career has taken off.”

With their relationship crumbling, Liam failed to show up for the May 15 ‘Hannah Montana’ wrap party. “Miley was incensed,” said the friend.

That snub led to the argument in which Liam fumed he was “tired of being the fall guy for Miley with her parents.” (via the National Enquirer, June 14, 2010 print ed.)

Awesome. Liam was probably the most stabilizing force in Miley’s life. If nothing else, there’s no reason to believe Liam has anything to do with Miley’s desperate-for-attention shenanigans. Keep in mind, according to the Enquirer the 17-year-old has her own home. And was living with her boyfriend. And Billy Ray and Trish think Hemsworth was the problem? Perhaps it has more to do with giving a teenager that much power and so few limits

But never let it be said Miley can’t make good decisions. Here she is wearing a Cheap Trick t-shirt in Paris yesterday. Later, she modified her outfit. With some underwear-sized shorts.

Did you like Miley and Liam as a couple?

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