Demi Lovato Spending Christmas And New Years In Rehab

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 11:28 AM
Tags: Demi Lovato
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Nothing says Christmas quite like walking around in a shabby bathrobe, drinking too much coffee and complaining about your problems. We just usually do it with our families, not at a rehab center, so you’re not missing much, Demi.

It’s been reported that Demi Lovato will be staying in rehab through the holidays and into the new year, which makes her total time in rehab more than two months. Weird, considering the fact that maybe my sister one time kicked a nasty meth habit in less time than that, but who’s counting?

Maybe Demi’s problems run deeper than a fondness for the White Dragon, though. Or maybe it’s like in the olden days when a girl would get pregnant and the family would ship her off to a monastery to groom donkeys for eight months and just tell everyone she was visiting family in Switzerland. Not that we’re saying Demi Lovato’s pregnant—maybe she just grew an extra nose or is dealing with a fiery case of syphilis.

But probably not. We kid because we love. Get better soon!

Demi Lovato