Justin Bieber Gets Arrested!

Monday, July 26, 2010 2:48 PM
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Relax, Justin Bieber is not going to jail, at least not in real life. The teenage singer will be bringing his talents to CSI when it comes back in the fall. The show must be desperate for the Bieber bump, because Justin has been cast as a troubled teen in an upcoming episode. Justin playfully posted these photos to his Twitter account while on set.

Justin tweets: “CSI premieres on Thursday, Sept 23rd on CBS…and I told you I was a BAD MAN!! And this guy?? [picture below] He did not have such a great day. Lol. Thanks to everyone at CSI for having me.â€

He looks cute in that prison outfit, what do you think his character did to get locked up? We should find out soon enough. Will Justin shine in his first dramatic role or will he just prove that he’s not a triple threat?

Justin Bieber