MTO EXCLUSIVE REPORT: NBA Baller Allen Iverson Tricked Of $10M On One Of His JUMPOFFS!! (Find Out HOW Inside)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 3:49 AM
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MediaTakeOut.com told you about the reports that NBA all star ALLEN IVERSON is having money problems. ESPN reports that he may have blown through more than $200 MILLION in assets, and people are wondering HOW.

Well MediaTakeOut.com spoke with a DETROIT insider who claims that the NBA star was EXTREMELY generous with one of his GIRLFRIENDS. In fact he spent a reported $10 MILLION on her.

What did he spend it on?? The insider told MediaTakeOut.com, “Most of the money was for gambling. [The couple] used to go to Casinos at least once a week, and blow HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars at a time.” According to the insider, Allen helped bankroll the woman, who worked as a COCKTAIL WAITRESS’, expensive gambling habit.

MediaTakeOut.com’s insider continued, “They’d fly private jets to Vegas for the weekend, gamble, live it up and then come back. No expenses spared.”

But all of the money wasn’t BLOWN. The woman, who is now “retired” from waiting tables did manage to get a 6 bedroom home and a Mercedes S500 out of it.

Dayum Allen . . . you may need to drop a verso on Rick Ross’ MC HAMMER REMIX the way your BLOWIN PAPER!!!