Mary J. Blige Beats Up Her Husband

Thursday, December 24, 2009 12:34 AM
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MediaTakeOut.com has some very sad news to report, two nights ago Mary J Blige and Kendu got into an argument at her album release party in New York. And word is, the argument ended with Kendu getting his AZZ WHOOPED

According to our PRETTY RELIABLE sources, Kendu and Mary started arguing after Kendu had Mary’s brother REMOVED from the VIP section. And at the same time allowed some of his favorite VIDEO VIXENS inside.

Editor’s Update: MediaTakeOut.com’s insiders tell us that Mary J Blige, an admitted ALCOHOLIC, appeared to be drinking that night – and that may have contributed to Mary’s over the top behavior

Details on what went down next are sketchy . . . some say Mary PUNCHED Kendu in the face, others say Mary spazzed out and started BITING him, and others say that it was Mary’s brother that did the fighting, while Mary was egging him on. But one things for certain, Kendu ended up getting physically manhandled.

And it gets better. After getting manhandled, Kendu was escorted out of the nightclub – without Mary.


Editor’s Update: For all those who DIDN’T believe us, the NY Post’s PAGE SIX is reporting the same thing:

Mary J. Blige punched husband Kendu Isaacs in the face at her record release party at club M2 Tuesday night. The singer slugged Isaacs, drawing blood, after she thought he was flirting with a waitress.

“She turned to him and was screaming, ‘You’re not going to ruin my night,’ ” our witness says. “They got up in each other’s faces before someone tried to separate them, at which point she shoved the guy aside, pulled back and popped [Isaacs] in the face.”

The source said Blige, Isaacs and their entourage were whisked through a door to the attached club Pink, which was closed. Our witness relates, “She was yelling at him, ‘What are you gonna do, Chris Brown me?’

And here’s what the NY Daily News is saying:

One partygoer told the Daily News that the 38-year-old Grammy winner flew into a jealous rage because Isaacs was paying too much attention to a waitress at the club.

“Mary hauled off and smacked him,” the source said.

Blige then warned Isaacs not to even think about retaliating. “She said, ‘You ain’t going to go Chris Brown on me, are you?'” according to a source.

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