Mischa’s Costar Claims Barton Doesn’t Act Crazy Onset

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 11:56 AM
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Mischa Barton was placed under involuntarily psychiatric hold last month, now her costar on their upcoming TV show, “The Beautiful Life” tries to convince us that Mischa is no longer nuts. Sara Paxton tells DailyFill.com Saturday night about Barton’s onset behavior at the AXE Sensitive Skin body wash launch, “I worked with her on Monday. Everything’s going great.†Sara claims, “Everything’s going really well. Everything’s going perfectly fine.”

It can’t be easy to work with somebody who recently suffered a psychiatric emergency but Paxton asserts, “Everyone’s happy, everything’s going awesome.†Uh huh. Now that we got those well rehearsed statements out of the way, let’s begin the countdown to Mischa’s next inevitable meltdown.

Mischa Barton