PHOTOS: Justin Bieber Determined To Bring Back Sagging Your Pants

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 2:35 PM
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Justin Bieber generally has a decent fashion sense, but lately he’s supported a trend I thought I’d left behind in middle school—sagging your pants.

When I started the sixth grade, I quickly learned that unless I stopped reading Harry Potter and started sagging my pants, wearing ankle socks and unbuttoning the top of my school uniform, I was destined to be a loser FOR LIFE. So I did what all middle schoolers of my generation did—I made my mom take me to the mall and buy a bunch of Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirts so no one would know how much of a loser I was. Of all these absurd fashion commandments, sagging your pants was easily the most ridiculous.

We wore our pants as low as we could get away with at a Catholic school. It was uncomfortable, impractical, and most of all, UGLY.

However, Justin Bieber seems determined to bring back this disturbing trend in a big way. He’s been photographed a lot recently wearing his skinny jeans on the down low.

Maybe sagging your pants took 10 years to become popular in Canada, but I’m hoping we don’t see a resurgence of this fashion trend. With legions of teen girls worshipping the ground Bieber walks on, I’m afraid that it might.

So I implore everyone out there who owns a belt—use it. Sagging your pants half-way down your butt makes you look like an idiot.

Please, just stop.

Check out photos of Justin sagging his pants:

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