Rumor Control: Justin Bieber Ready To Have A “Baby” With Selena Gomez?

Thursday, September 8, 2011 3:29 PM
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“Justin’s Baby Bombshell,†reads the headline of a National Enquirer piece that goes on to claim Justin Bieber is “eager†to start a family with Selena Gomez, and “could soon be singing lullabies.â€

According to a so-called “insider†for the tabloid, “Bieber has babies on the brain… All he talks about is having a little Bieber with Selena.â€

The Enquirer notes, “young parenthood seems completely normal†to Gomez and Bieber, whose moms were also teens when they were born.

Still, writes the magazine, “Selena is suggesting they should wait until at least he turns 18 in March before considering parenthood.â€

However, adds the tab’s source, “Justin wants a fairytale love with Selena, and for him that means means creating a family together.â€

Actually, the only “creating†here was done by the Enquirer, which gave birth to this phony story.

Bieber and Gomez are not “eager†to begin a family.

A source close to the “Baby†singer tells us the Enquirer’s article is “bulls**t.â€

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