Seann William Scott Accidentally Confirms Gay Rumors

Wednesday, March 16, 2011 12:16 PM
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Seann William Scott has all but confirmed the gay rumors that have dogged him for years. It’s no secret in Hollywood that some gay male actors pretend to be straight for the sake of their career, and even though they’re sexuality is well known in certain circles, they play it straight for their fans and the camera.

Case in point: Seann William Scott. The Role Models actor entered rehab this week, and we wish him all the best as he recovers from his undisclosed “health and personal issues.” As we were reading about Seann for the first time in years today, we stumbled on some very revealing comments about his “private” side.

Speaking about his personal life, Seann said: “I really have no desire to date a super hot actress because they’re all nuts anyway. Anyway, I’m a pretty private guy so if I was going out with Britney Spears you wouldn’t find out about it from me.”

First off, all girls are crazy, not just actresses; however, it’s the second half of the statement that reads like a giant gay red flag.

“If I was going out with Britney Spears…”

No straight man in the universe uses Britney Spears as their go to example of a “super hot” woman. We’re surprised he didn’t mention his girlfriend, you know, the one who lives in Canada.

UPDATE: Seann William Scott Gets Engaged! Does This Prove He’s Straight?

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