Taylor Swift: Career First, Love Second

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 1:46 PM
Tags: Taylor Swift
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Staying on track and focusing on her booming career, Taylor Swift says she’s not looking for love… right now.

“There’s a lot to distract me from dating. I don’t really sit around and wallow in being alone. It’s in my comfort zone, being single,†the country singing cutie said.

Taylor continued, “I feel that a lot happens to you when you’re not looking for it, so I’m not actively looking. I don’t have a problem with being single.”

Also opening up about how she lives her life, Miss Swift dished, “I love trying to beat what I’ve done so far … I think about my next move 10 steps ahead. I’m always planning three award shows ahead. For me, planning is a productive way of stressing out about your life.â€

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