True Blood Spoilers!

Friday, October 30, 2009 3:44 PM
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True Blood writers were at a panel in Beverly Hills Wednesday, October 28th at 7PM, and spilled the beans on upcoming episodes of the show!

Here are the juiciest highlights from each of the True Blood writers.

Jessica and Hoyt are Raelle Tucker’s favorite characters to write for, but she admits, “I am a dirty little slut for Lafayette, even if I’m not his type.†Raelle also talked about Sookie saying, “What makes Sookie an amazing character is that she feels as though she has a disability, she feels hopelessly flawed.†Allen Ball played favorites too; his favorite characters to write for are Lafayette and Jason, “the growing sexual attraction between Eric and Sookie, the Dionysian revelry.†Alan is also on your side, ladies, he, “will admit to oftentimes saying,‘Come on, can we just get his [Ryan Kwanten’s] shirt off?’†He elaborated that, “Alexander Skarsgard appears without most of his clothes in the very first episode of S3.†Hey, at least Brian likes writing for Eric…who will be getting amnesia in season 4?

Nancy Oliver is happy she doesn’t have to worry about being family-friendly on pay cable and, “We can do a story about priapism.â€

Alexander Woo said his favorite scenes were at the Fellowship of the Sun when the vampires and humans are fighting.

Alan said stunt casting is not fun, even though Snoop Dog wants the job! However he does have some exciting news, Alicide will appear beginning in episode 1.03- even though he hasn’t been cast yet. He gushed about Bubba in the books but said, “because he’s Elvis there’s no way we can do it†on the show.†He also says fans are upset that Evan Rachel Wood plays Sophie-Anne, but you can’t make everyone happy! In hindsight, Alan also thinks it was “Sparks Fly Outâ€- episode 1.05 that made True Blood blow-up!

Get excited because season 3 will launch June 2010, and we will find out where Bill is in episode 3.01! Also, season 3 will introduce a lot of new characters, including the Newlins and Maryann is totally dead. The theme for season 3 is “identity,†causing Sookie to find out more about what/who she is! Insiders also said, “Bill will not be marginalized. Bill and Sookie will have troubles, but Bill and Sookie have a connection that will not die.†You are going to see more of Pan and Nan Flanagan in season 3 as well! As for Gordac, his death scene was partially live, partially green screen and they got it in only two takes! Lastly, you have not seen the last of Gordric- he will be featured in flashbacks!

As for True Blood fans, Raelle said they have great costumes and Alexander Woo said they are the best looking fans!