Web Of Seinfeld – The Infographic

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 11:37 AM
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With Julia Louis-Dreyfus starring in HBO’s new series Veep, we felt obliged to take a look back at the world of “Seinfeld” … and what a hilarious world it was. The Soup Nazi. Izzy Mandelbaum. Peterman. Puddy. Newman. And in our humble opinion, when it comes to creating memorable supporting characters, it’s right up there with “The Simpsons”. The following map shows how the most notable bit characters were connected to the main cast (with the actors who portrayed them in parenthesis). One piece of data we found interesting? How many girlfriends Jerry had over the years. That guy didn’t just slay with his jokes. The man was quite the lady killer.

(Click to enlarge)