Breaking News: Mila Kunis’ Stalker Arrested Outside Her Beverly Hills Gym!

Monday, May 7, 2012 7:21 PM
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Mila Kunis spent her Friday morning talking to the police after receiving some unwanted attention from an alleged stalker. Kunis was accosted by the suspicious looking individual, possibly a local homeless man, while at her Beverly Hills gym. Within minutes, her security team and about six Los Angeles Police squad cars swarmed at the location.

“The call for service came out because the individual is affiliated with a stalking investigation,” a representative for the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed. “Sounds as if there has been some prior contact with this person.”

When police located the suspect, they brought him to a parking lot across the street. Mila emerged from her Range Rover and identified the man. The police then put the individual in the back of a squad car and took statements from several members of Kunis’ entourage.

“Mila was really happy that they caught the guy, and someone who looked like her bodyguard said something about calling ‘the DA,'” a witness told us.

The man detained by police appeared to be in his 30s, had a scruffy beard, dirty blue jeans and a black hoodie.

While sitting in the back of the squad car, he repeatedly asked this writer for a cigarette. He didn’t get one.