Jon And Kate Drop Kids Off At Bus, Totally Embarrass Them

Thursday, August 27, 2009 4:04 AM
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Jon and Kate Gosselin made nice as they reunited Thursday morning to send their twins off for their first school.

They arrived in separate cars around 7 a.m. to the bus pickup point near the family’s $1.1 million home in Wernersville, Pa.

Nine-year-old twins Cara and Mady – who are entering the third grade – rode with their mom to the lot and gave their dad Jon a hug before hopping on the bus.

“Bye, daddy!” one of them yelled.

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Jon and Kate did not interact as they waved goodbye to the girls.

Kate briefly boarded the bus to say farewell, while Jon stood outside the bus, checking his cell phone. Later, he stood with his hands in his pockets chomping on gum.

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After getting off the bus, Kate quickly walked away, ignoring Jon.

She ignored a photographer, who yelled out: “Kate, do you feel like you’re taking Jon back to school when he acts like a 15-year-old?”

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