Kate Bosworth Launches Exclusive Jewelery Shopping Site

Monday, October 4, 2010 4:47 PM
Tags: Selena Gomez
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Kate Bosworth joins a growing list of celebrities turned entrepreneur with the launch of her new jewelry site Jewelmint. The actress recently launched the new shopping service with her close friend Cher Coulter, a celebrity designer and stylist. It seems like more celebrities have found ways to use their star power to get ahead in the business world.

Our friends at Jewelmint offer members access to exclusive jewelry from a unique collection designed by Cher and Kate. “It’s a natural extension of our friendship, our creative relationship and our love of fashion,†Bosworth says. “We couldn’t be more excited.â€

Jewelmint also lets its members show off and compare their purchases on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Would you buy jewelry designed by a celeb?

Check it out at Jewelmint.com

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