Kim Kardashian Calls Up Kanye To Help Her Through Her Break-Up

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 3:54 AM
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MediaTakeOut.com just received a SUPER-EXCLUSIVE report. According to a EXTREMELY RELIABLE snitch (a celeb), Kim Kardashian has begun COMMUNICATING with Kanye West in recent weeks.

The insider claims that Kim and Kanye have been friends for some time, and the two “have feelings” for each other. Our insider is NOT certain whether Kim and Kanye have ever gotten romantic in the past.

Our insider claims that Reggie is EXTREMELY JEALOUS of Kim’s relationship with Kanye. In fact, according to our snitch, the last time Reggie and Kim separated – it was because of a rumored romance with Kanye.

The insider explained, “Reggie thought that [Kim] was cheating with Kanye. He found some suspicious texts and he broke it off with her.”

WOW!! We’re not sure what to think about this . . .

Kanye West