Lindsay Lohan banned from Chateau Marmont

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 8:15 AM
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Lindsay Lohan has been banned from the Chateau Marmont hotel.

The 'Mean Girls' actress has not paid up the $46,350.04 bill for a 47-day stay at the legendary Hollywood hotel - in which she spent over $3,000 on the minibar and $686 on cigarettes - in June and July, and general manager Philip Pavel has told her she cannot return until the bill is settled.

In a letter obtained by TMZ.com dated July 31, he writes: ''As you are aware from our previous correspondences starting on July 8, you currently owe the hotel a grand total of $46,350.04 in charges for your stay starting on May 30, 2012. I have enclosed a copy of your most up to date folio for your records.

''As we have made repeated attempts to resolve this pressing matter over the last few weeks without any resolution, I regret to inform you that we will no longer be able to extend any further credit for you to remain at the hotel.''

She was ordered to be out of the hotel by 12pm on August 1 and told not to return.

However, the bill would have been higher had Philip decided to keep the charges of $75 per day for use of the hotel's laptop, which he decided to waiver.

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