Photo: Kim Kardashian Tests Her iPhone 5 With A Mirror Pic Of Her Michael Kors Swimsuit

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 10:29 AM
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Kim Kardashian’s favorite hobby is taking pictures of herself and posting them on Twitter and Instagram, and she wasted no time breaking in her new iPhone 5.

The voluptuous beauty shared another self-shot mirror picture on Twitter this Monday (September 24) during her latest trip to Miami. In the new Instagram photo, Kim shows off her curves while wearing a one-piece Michael Kors swimsuit with a gold belt and white robe.

If this doesn’t get Kanye’s attention, then nothing will. Sleek, curvy, hard to get, fashionable, looks good in black, comes with a personal assistant, and a bit of a show off… wait, are we talking about the phone or the reality star?

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Kim Kardashian