Photos: Cosmo Gives Selena Gomez The Airbrush Treatment

Monday, April 16, 2012 5:18 PM
Tags: Selena Gomez
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selena gomez cosmo airbrush

Selena Gomez has a natural beauty, but that didn’t stop Cosmo from giving the teen star the standard airbrush treatment for a new pictorial.

The pics (and annoying watermark) come to us from Selena World, and you can check out all the full-size images below. Selena posed in a trio of revealing outfits for her new photo shoot, but kept it classy as always.

Less classy, the painfully obvious airbrush effect used on her face, breasts and hips. In addition to the classic breast enhancement and waist reduction, the magazine also gave Gomez the biggest head of hair we’ve ever seen this side of the 80s (follow the part in her hair).

Check out the Photoshop photo shoot below, and click here to see our favorite celebrity Photoshop disasters of all time!

Selena Gomez