Photos: See Pictures Of Miley Cyrus’ Bob-Style Pixie Haircut

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 12:34 PM
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miley cyrus haircut chris mcmillan august 2012

[Ed. Note: We’ve Added Miley’s Most Recent Twitter Photos Below The Story And Above The Original Pics]

See before and after pictures of Miley Cyrus’ new super short blonde pixie haircut!

Miley Cyrus has been changing her hair almost every week lately, but over the weekend she got her biggest cut yet ever. While visiting New York City, her hairdresser Chris McMillan tweeted a photo moments before making a big cut to Miley’s new blonde hairstyle.

“Good bye bun. Stay tuned. @ NYC,” the stylist tweeted at the time.

Afterwards, he and Miley couldn’t stop tweeting photos of the dramatic new do. And despite mixed reactions on Twitter, Miley couldn’t be happier with her new pixie look.

“feeling so happy in my skin…my dad @billyraycyrus used to tell me ‘opinions are are like ass holes every body has one’ LOVE my hair. feel so happy, pretty, and free,” the pop star tweeted.

See a ton of photos of the new haircut below. Miley certainly loves her new look, but what do YOU think of her new hairdo?

[Ed. Note: What’s with all the garbage on Miley’s floor? Compare the photo below to this one from just two weeks ago]

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