Real Couple Throws “Twilight” Wedding, Changes Their Name To Cullen

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 1:28 PM
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Previously, we’ve shown you Twihards who take The Twilight Saga way too seriously, but nothing compares to the very unfortunately real couple who threw a Breaking Dawn themed wedding and then legally changed their name to Cullen.

We’ll pause here to let the reality of that sentence sink in.

Yes, Abigail and Andy, two newlyweds from England, recently threw a wedding based on Edward and Bella’s nuptials from the first Breaking Dawn. According to the Examiner.com, Abigail wore Bella’s dress during the reception (the groom wore a tuxedo based on Edward’s wedding attire), and the couple played the film’s soundtrack throughout the ceremony to correspond with certain moments from the film. The bride chose everything, down to the floral arrangements and wedding cake, to mimic the Breaking Dawn Part 1 wedding.

Rather than taking her husband’s last name, Abigail somehow convinced him to change his name to Cullen. Presumably so they could hear the DJ announce, “Now presenting for the first time as a married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen!”

And while the couple certainly won’t be married as long as the fictional Mr. and Mrs. Cullen, we wish them a mortal lifetime of martial bliss all the same.

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