THE BLACK WIDOW!!! Last Week She Stabbed Her Boyfriend TO DEATH . . . 60 TIMES . . . And Now This LOVELY YOUNG LADY Is Walking The STREETS Of Louisiana!! (Fellas WATCH Yo’Selves)

Thursday, January 28, 2010 3:38 AM
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MediaTakeOut.com just received word that a KILLER man be on the loose in Shreveport, Louisiana. The woman in the above pic, named Kim Coleman, was charged with stabbing her live in boyfriend 60 TIMES.

The killing took place last week. But get this, Kim is currently OUT ON BAIL!!!!

What happened? It’s not clear. There was some kind of a dispute between Kim and her boyfriend, Brain Spinks – a Iraq War vet. But at some point Kim reportedly pulled out a knife and stabbed dude 60 times, killing him.

Initially police suspected that Kim may have acted in self defense. They have since changed their mind and charged her with 2ND DEGREE MURDER!!!

Gentleman, if you come across her . . . proceed with CAUTION!!!