The Proof: See Photos Of Cheating Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders Making Out, Kissing In Public

Wednesday, July 25, 2012 3:05 PM
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kristen stewart kissing rupert sanders in public photos

Kristen Stewart and her married (with children) Snow White and the Huntsman director were caught by a photographer passionately kissing and making out on July 17 in various locations around Los Angeles. [Ed. note: is Rupert Sanders the most British name of all time?]

Us Weekly obtained the photographs and will run them in their new issue, due out on Friday (full cover below). In the meantime, the photographer has provided a detailed account of K-Stew’s steamy make out sesh.

A paparazzo trailing Stewart followed her to an abandoned parking lot where she waited in her car alone. Suddenly, Sanders appeared and joined her in the vehicle. From the description of the photos provided by Us Weekly, it sounds like the lovers were caught making out like a couple of high schoolers, or snogging, as Rupert might say (or Rob, unfortunately).

The paranoid pair stayed on the move during their day together, and eventually ended up on Pacific View Trail, a hiking route near the iconic Hollywood sign. They continued to make out and feel each other up, occasionally breaking apart when other people approached. So far only one picture of the kissing couple has been released, but by the end of the week, the photos will be all over the web.

People has a source close to the actress who insists the affair only happened recently and has not been ongoing; however, it definitely doesn’t sound like a one time occurrence either. When did the affair really start? Smart money is on the likelihood that it began on set earlier this year.

Kristen and Rupert have both apologized since news broke, but Robert Pattinson has yet to make a statement or appear in public.

Would you forgive Kristen Stewart for cheating?

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