Ukranian Valerie Lukyanova Gets Plastic Surgery To Look Like A Barbie Doll IRL

Thursday, April 26, 2012 12:34 PM
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Valerie Lukyanova, 23, has spent the last several years undergoing numerous surgeries to transform herself into a real life Barbie doll, and for better or worse, she’s succeeded.

The blonde Ukranian woman has smoothed over her face to give it a plastic-like appearance. She’s also gotten work done around her eyes to make them look more doll like. And, of course, she has gigantic DD breasts and a tiny waist that would make even the most anorexic runway models jealous.

Her skimpy outfits and long flowing blonde hair complete the look. And even though she does have an uncanny resemblance to the popular doll, the overall effect is just downright creepy! Much has been made of the anatomical absurdity of Barbie’s design—giant breasts, hourglass figure, and super thin lanky limbs—and we didn’t think it was possible for any human being to look this way. But thanks to various plastic surgery operations, Lukyanova as made her weird dream a reality.

She is missing one crucial element; this IRL Barbie does not come with a matching Ken doll. Although, from the looks of her Facebook page, we think she’s more likely to be seen with a John.

Click the photo to see more photos of Valerie Lukyanova!